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Annika Schabbauer

Annika Schabbauer is the director of Operation 1325. She has previously worked with organizational- and competence development for women’s leadership in South Africa and Uganda in development cooperation. Before that she lived and worked in the West Bank. Annika has a master’s degree in modern standard Arabic from Lund’s University, master’s degree in adult learning and global change from Linköping University, and popular education experience from Färnebo folk high school with Women for Peace. Her main focus has been methods for sustainable peace and development.


Sofia Nordenving

Sofia Nordenving is a project leader at Operation 1325. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics, and a masters in international politics from Uppsala University.

Sofia has previously worked with migration and integration, and has a special interest for women, peace and security, as well as youth, peace and security.


Charlotte Lind

Charlotte is Operation 1325’s operation developer and project leader for the organization’s international projects.


Sogend Barzani

Sogend Barzani is head of communication and for the project Diabella. She has a bachelor’s degree in development and international cooperation with a specialization in international relations from Södertörns Högskola. Sogend also has a master in human rights from Uppsala University. She is passionate about women’s rights from an intersectional perspective.


Thea Hambleton

Thea Hambleton works as policy analyzer and assistant at Operation 1325. She has previously worked at the Swedish Foreign Office, Sida and the thinktank Clingendael Institution. She has a specialization in gender and equality in relation to conflict and migration. Thea has also done field work in Ethiopia, Uganda and Indonesia.


Louvisa Grotte

Louvisa is a communication intern for the fall of 2020 as part of her master’s degree at University of Copenhagen. She has a previous bachelor degree in political science from Lund University, and political science is also her field while studying in Copenhagen. Her interest for women, peace and security is founded in women and children being particularly affected in conflicts and crises, but still not being represented sufficiently.


Nahom Kubrom

Nahom Kubrom is a project intern at Operation 1325 for the fall of 2020. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from University of Stockholm. His interest for working with human rights increased throughout his studies which resulted in this internship at Operation 1325.